We do not share any customer information with third parties without consent from the customer.

We do not store any customer information on our website or any server, except information submitted by the user via email or contact forms.

We do use Google Analytics software to track how visitors are referred to and use our website. This software uses first-party cookies, but does not collect any personal information, such as names or contact information. More information on Google Analytics software can be found here .

We do maintain a contact list for our existing customers and those who opt in. We do occasionally send informational emails to those on our contact list, but never send more than four emails a year.

Anyone can request not to receive informational emails from us by sending the request to We will honor that request.

Send any inquiries, concerns, or complaints to us regarding our privacy policy using one
of the methods listed on our Contact Us webpage.
The use of “us,” “our,” or “we” refers to Fritan Technology, LLC.