About Framan Hanger™

Framan Hanger™ is a state-of-the-art picture frame hanging bracket that is simple to use. Have you ever tried to install a bracket for hanging frames on a wall? Was it easy? If not, then we would like to introduce you to Framan Hanger™!

The Problem

Sawtooth frame hangers offer nice benefits over steel wire, including ease of centering and keeping the top of the frame near to the wall. There are huge drawbacks with using traditional sawtooth hangers though. They can scratch and damage the wall and, more importantly, are very difficult to install. Sawtooth hangers typically are attached with tiny nails that are nearly impossible to hold while keeping the bracket centered. Additionally, the installer can hit their thumb, the frame, or the glass with the hammer.


Framan Hanger™ addresses all of these issues and more. Framan Hanger™ is

1)  Temporarily adhered to the center of the frame so it will not move while it is permanently attached.
2)  Attached with screws that are held in place, perpendicular to the bracket, while
3)  Made out of a high strength, yet smooth polymer that will not scratch your walls.

Framan Hanger™ showing lined adhesive pads for temporary placement on frame and screws for permanently attaching to frame.


1)  Made in USA
2)  Fully Guaranteed
3)  Phillips screwdriver is the only tool needed – no hammers, broken glass or sore thumbs
4)  High-strength polymer construction is smooth and will not damage walls
5)  Attached with screws, not nails that can pull out
6)  Screws held perpendicular to frame allowing easy one-hand installation
7)  Adhesive tape with liner for temporary placement on center of frame
8)  Length of 2″

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