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Fringe Screw™ is the easiest way to tighten loose or stripped door hinge screws. Visit our online store and Learn more about Fringe Screw™ using the links to the right.
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Refer the document below:

When door hinges become loose, the screws strip the wood hole they are embedded in. Then the standard hinge screw will no longer tighten in the enlarged screw holes and the door sags or pulls away from the hinge.

Fringe Screw™ works as follows.

  1. Loose screws are removed one at a time and replaced with Fringe Screws™
  2. Standard size countersunk head sits flush in the door hinge and looks identical to original hinge screw
  3. Oversize threads grab wood and tighten in screw holes that have become enlarged from stripping or wear
  4. Only tool needed is a Phillips screwdriver; no drilling required
  5. Instantly repairs loose doors without dowels, wood shavings, toothpicks, glue, or the need to remove the door

Fringe Screws™ are Jackson Head Screws, meaning that they combine a standard size head with oversize threads.

They are available in sizes #9 and #10 in two different lengths. These sizes are typically used on Residential Interior Doors and Entry Doors. A version of Fringe Screw™ for Cabinets and Commercial Doors is under development.

Fringe Screws™ have the following specifications.

Typical ApplicationInterior Door HingesEntry Door Hinges
Head#9 Countersunk#10 Countersunk
ThreadsOversize between #10 & #12Oversize #12
Lengths1 inch & 3 inch1.25 inch & 4 inch
MaterialPlated SteelPlated Steel

Hi there – I just wanted write you a quick note and say thank you!

I had an interior door that had stripped screws. I rent, and really did not want to bother the landlord, so googled how to repair it. Found suggestions for glued dowels and even golf tees (which I have neither) and then I found your site.

Ordered on Sunday, the Fringe ScrewsTM arrived today and 10 minutes after I got home from work, I had the door fixed! What a clever product! Anyway, I rarely take the time to say thank you to random internet vendors, but you guys deserve it!  I wish you much success 🙂

Nora, California

Your Fringe ScrewTM products are an absolutely brilliant idea! I’ve been dealing with stripped-out door hinge screws for many years working in Facilities Maintenance for senior-citizen residences. This is the first time I’ve seen a totally simple and effective solution to a very common problem.

Doors take quite a beating in those settings, and the majority of them are heavy wood fire-rated doors in wood frames.  Over time, especially with the top hinges, the weight of the door tends to start pulling the hinge screws right out of the wood, causing the door to tilt and jam. The original hinge screws can’t just be tightened up, since the threads have torn out the wood fibers. Fringe ScrewsTM solve this problem very neatly with their larger diameter, cylindrical profile threads, while keeping the original screw-head size.  Someone should’ve thought of this solution decades ago!

Mike Burcke, Facilities Maintenance – Oklahoma CIty OK

Installed your Fringe ScrewsTM in our damaged patio door threads…They worked awesome..!!!!..better than expected. Thanks for the great product.

The original door screws were very short in length and poor quality..did not last very long.

Jim H, Homeowner, British Columbia, Canada

Customer Photo from Jim H Showing Door Hinge Tightened with Fringe ScrewTM


I received my Fringe ScrewsTM today, and they worked superbly! I will definitely recommend them to others who encounter loose hinges and also to my construction friends.

Diane, Homeowner – Garnerville, NY

Fringe ScrewsTM were brought to my attention in 2011. The boss bought a set and distributed them for us to try out. I loved them. Huge time and energy saver!

Erik Harmon, Locksmith – North Dakota

Your Fringe ScrewsTM worked perfectly and solved a very persistent and annoying problem! I’ve tried everything short of buying new doors and your solution is the only thing that has worked. Thanks much!

Travis Nickels, Homeowner – Ohio

Past tips on how to fix a loose door hinge are often cumbersome and time consuming. These tips often include gluing things like match sticks, golf tees or even tooth picks to tighten a loose hinge. A new solution now exists with the Fringe ScrewTM by Fritan Technology. I recently tried out this product and am pleased with the results.

Excerpt taken from product review at www.housefixer.info

Chuck Solomon, President of Handyman Solutions and Author of Home Fixer Blog – North Carolina

If you have sagging door hinges, check out the Fringe ScrewTM. It was designed for the express purpose of replacing old hinge screws that no longer hold. It’s hard to imagine that a small screw can make such a huge difference, but the oversize threads are what make it work.

Kelley Carrel, The Super Handyman Column – Texas

1. Identify loose hinge screws that will not tighten.

2. Open the door and place a shim under the bottom of the door.

3. Remove stripped hinge screws one at a time.

4. Install Fringe Screw™ in the vacated screw hole.

5. Repeat steps 4. and 5. until all the loose hinge screws are replaced.

Refer the document for detailed instructions fringe_screw_installation_instructions.pdf

Fringe Screw™ can be purchased online at Fritan Technology  or by


by phone.  Alternatively, to purchase from a “Bricks and Mortar” store, see our distributors .

Fringe Screw™ has unique dimensions because it is designed for one specific purpose: to repair loose door hinges.  Other screws have standard dimensions, such as a #10 2” wood screw, and are used in a variety of applications. Standard screws are therefore manufactured in much larger quantities than a specialty screw, such as Fringe Screw™.

There are other techniques that attempt to repair stripped door hinge screw holes. They all have huge disadvantages though when compared to Fringe Screw™.

One approach is using toothpicks and glue to fill the screw hole, but this is messy, takes a while, and never lasts that long.

Drilling the stripped out hinge screw holes and gluing dowels in place is another technique that works really well, as long as you have all the tools and want to dedicate several hours to a job that can be completed in under five minutes with Fringe Screw™.

A third approach is replacing the entire door. While this works very well if the stripped screw holes are on the door, it is expensive, time consuming, and requires special tools and skills.

The following table compares different repair strategies.

What causes loose door hinges?

Door hinges have a lot of stress placed on them.  They hold up doors and are subject to stresses in different directions when doors are opened and closed, leaned on, or slammed.  Some doors, especially in older homes, are quite heavy and this increases the load placed upon the hinges and the hinge screws.  All of this wear and tear year after year slowly enlarges the screw holes until the screws can no longer be tightened.

Screws and screw holes can also be stripped by over-tightening.  While no one wants to admit they over tightened a screw, let’s face it: almost all of us have.  It’s especially easy to do in a soft wood, which is almost exclusively used in modern home construction.

The door may

  1. feel loose
  2. wobble when opened or closed
  3. not close properly or you have to lean on it to get it to latch
  4. sag and make contact with the floor

The best way to diagnosis whether stripped door hinge screws are causing a problem is to try to tighten the hinge screws.  One needs to be careful not to over-tighten, as this could actually strip the screw hole.  “Snug” is a good description of how tight hinge screws should feel.  If the screw continues to turn and won’t tighten after the head contacts the hinge, then the screw hole is stripped and the hinge screw should be replaced with a Fringe Screw™.

Yes, Fringe Screw™ is guaranteed to secure residential interior and entry door hinges that are loose due to stripped screw holes.  If it does not work, Fringe Screw™ can be returned for a refund up to 30 days after purchase.

Fringe Screw™ is specifically designed to repair loose door hinges on Residential Doors. There are two sizes of Fringe Screw™ and each is available in two different lengths. Fringe Screw™ with a size #9 head typically replaces hinge screws in interior doors, such as a bedroom, office, or bathroom door in your house.  It will work with any hinge that is secured with #9 screws. It will also replace most latch plate screws for applications where they are loose.

Fringe Screw™ with a size #10 head typically replaces hinge screws in entry doors, such as a front door, back door, or garage door (the one for people, not the overhead door for vehicles).

There is more information above , and you can also  for more information. 

Doors hinges in a house become loose for a variety of reasons. The most common cause of loose doors and hinges is stripped door hinge screw holes.  Fringe Screw™ repairs this problem simply, quickly, and completely.  Plus, it is guaranteed to work. Symptoms of loose doors caused by stripped door hinge screw holes include

  1. Binding, Sagging, or Crooked Door
  2. Door will not Latch or Stay Opened or Closed
  3. Door Wobbles or Hits Floor or Trim
  4. Door Hinge Screws Keep Turning and Will Not Tighten
  5. Door Hinges are
    1. Visibly Loose
    2. Separating from Door or Jamb

If you have one or more of these symptoms or already know you have a loose door hinge, continue reading to learn about Fringe Screw™, the best way to fix loose doors! Be sure to visit our

Fritan Technology  when ready to purchase.

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