About Thick Ceiling Hook

Commonly available ceiling hooks work just fine in modern construction drywall ceilings. However, they can not be installed in thicker ceilings, such as when drywall is installed over an original plaster ceiling. This is a common renovation technique used in older homes. Previously, there was no solution to this problem. Thick Ceiling Hook addresses this problem and works with ceilings as thick as two inches.

Thick Ceiling Hook is available as a complete kit including hooks or a Converter Kit. The Converter Kit includes only the threaded rod and rod with wood screw threads to convert a previously purchased ceiling hook kit for use in a thick ceiling.

Learn more about Thick Ceiling Hook

Learn more about Thick Ceiling Hook

  • Mark desired location for hook and drill a hole 2” deep with a 5/32”drill bit.
  • Follow (a) or (b) as appropriate
    • (a) If drill hits ceiling joist, assemble ceiling hook with wood screw and turn clockwise into hole until the hook is flush to the ceiling.  Be careful not to confuse lath for a ceiling joist.
    • (b) Otherwise re-drill the hole with a 9/16” drill bit.  Assemble the threaded rod with the hook on one end and the toggle nut (so the wings will fold towards the hook) on the other.  Attach the captive nut on the same end as the toggle nut to prevent it from coming off.  Collapse the wings on the toggle nut towards the hook and push through hole in ceiling.  Apply slight downward pressure while turning the hook clockwise until it contacts the ceiling and feels snug.


  1. Wear eye protection and dust mask when drilling
  2. Do not hang anything from hook that is not attached well
  3. Maximum recommended weight to hang from hook is 10 lbs.