Fritan Technology is an engineering and product development firm specializing in the design, development, and production of products for the home repair and renovation industries. Based in Akron, Ohio and founded in 2009, Fritan Technology is developing a reputation for designing innovative products that make our lives simpler and homes special. Please take a moment to learn more about us and our unique products.

Who ?

Fritan Technology is a for-profit limited liability company organized in Ohio to conduct business. It was founded in 2009 by Fritz Krah.

What ?

Fritan Technology is an engineering and product development firm specializing in the design, development, and production of products for the home repair and renovation industries

Where ?

Fritan Technology is located in Streetsboro, Ohio.

Why ?

There are so many entrepreneurial opportunities available. Fritan Technology believes there are limitless opportunities to invent, design, produce, and improve products for our homes.

How ?

Fritan Technology’s founders and employees work very hard and are dedicated to its success and customer satisfaction. We pay attention to detail, follow through on commitments, and do what it takes to get the job done.

Managment Team

Fritz Krah – Managing Member

Fritz Krah

Fritz founded Fritan Technology in 2009 to explore his entrepreneurial ambitions as an inventor and product designer. The first product brought to market through Fritan Technology was Fringe Screw™, a products that repairs loose door hinges caused by stripped screw holes. Presently, Fritz manages activities at Fritan Technology and is working on several new inventions.

Prior to founding Fritan Technology, Fritz acquired seven years of experience working in the aerospace industry. He is a subject matter expert in FPGA design and has written and co-authored six papers on the subject. Fritz obtained a master’s degree in electrical engineering from The University of Akron in 2003. One of his hobbies is flying, and he holds commercial and flight instructor pilot certificates.

Andrea Krah – Member, Lead Engineer

Andrea is a native of Colombia and came to the United States to study electrical engineering in 2001. She graduated with a master’s degree from The University of Akron in 2003 and began working in the traffic control industry. After three years, Andrea decided to pursue new opportunities and worked for four years in industrial machinery design and control. Presently, Andrea provides engineering support to Fritan Technology.

Our Mission is to

Design and produce innovative and superior products that improve people’s lives, while having a positive impact on our community.

Our Vision is to

Continuously improve and provide the best value to our customers, while generating new jobs and introducing new products to the world that will help solve our problems, not create new ones.

Giving back to the community through volunteer work with Junior Achievement.

Our Values 


Meet or exceed all obligations and commitments made to our customers and community


Understand that everyone has a different set of experiences that guide their actions


Be forthright in all of our dealings and follow the letter and spirit of law

Our Values 

Be cognizant of our community and our impact on it; value contributions, abilities, and efforts to improve our company and community


Our work is an extension of ourselves


Be a great company; deliver premium results and services


Fritan Technology is always looking to add the right people to our team. Please consider sending us your resume. We view a person’s work ethic and potential as far more important than a specific type of experience. Send resumes to with as much detail as you wish.