Hanging Picture Frames

30 January 22

How to Hang Picture Frames

So, you have purchased the perfect picture frame and placed your pride and joy in it. It looks fantastic, but unless that picture frame is hanging on the wall, not many people will get to enjoy it.

While there is more than one way to hang a picture frame on the wall, like there are many ways to do different things, there is one way that we think works perfectly and is easy to do. In this article, we’ll also go over the few aesthetic and technical things you will want to consider when hanging a picture on the wall. We will also discuss using a unique tool that makes the job quickly with no damage to your wall.

Now that you’re ready to hang that picture frame on the wall let’s get started.

Assemble the Proper Hanging Hardware

So, we’ll start by stating the obvious, not all hanging hardware is necessarily good, especially if you consider all the shapes and sizes in which these picture frames are available. For instance, a large wood frame will not be easy to hang with the same hardware as a tiny metal frame.

If you have purchased a quality picture frame, it should have come with the appropriate hanging hardware needed for it. However, you can still buy it online or at your local hardware store if it does not.

Spacing Your Picture Frame

The idea behind framing is that you can see and enjoy the art. If the art is hung too high, too close to others, or too low, it can make it hard to see. It may also not be aesthetically pleasing.

If you want to create a gallery wall with multiple frames, hanging everything closer than it should be, it will make the wall look too busy. Similarly, everything being too far apart will make them look disconnected.

Even though it all ultimately comes down to what you prefer, you will ideally want to make sure that these picture frames are around 1″ apart. If you are framing these above the furniture, you will want to ensure they are 3″ to 6″ above them.

Picture Frames Should Be Level

You always want to ensure that the picture frames are at the right level. While it is simple to manage and measure, it is just as important as framing. Regardless of the hardware you use or how well these frames are placed, you will not be satisfied with a crooked picture frame. 

One way to ensure that the picture frames are leveled is to distribute their weight on both sides, which is trickier with a standard nail or hook. 

The best way to check if the weight is evenly distributed between both sides of the picture frame is to use a standard ruler. Measure both the frame to ensure that the nail is in the dead center.

The way is to use a level to see if your frame is hanging straight. You can use a level app on your phone to check it too.

Make Sure You Measure

To ensure that your picture frame is exactly where it should go, you will want to measure the distance between the top end of the frame and the wire or bracket. You will also want to pull the hanging wire up to the top of the frame before you measure; this will help to mimic the “give” once the frame is hanging on its weight.

Whenever the nail hooks into your frame, that is the distance you want to ensure is nailed. We would suggest using Framan Hanger™ as opposed to the standard sawtooth frame hanger, which we’ll get into in the next section.

Use Painter's Tape

We love hanging picture frames, and painter’s tape is our tool of choice to ensure that our frames are set up correctly on the wall. Tape can be used to make everything from blocking to measuring easier in more ways than one. 

We often tell people that don’t have a measuring tape or don’t want to use it, to not trust their eye when it comes to these things. Painter’s tape can be of significant help here. 

The easy way to use painter’s tape is to just put them on the rear of the picture frame and measure it to see how far the D-Rings happen to be from each other. Then you put the tape on the wall and use a Framan Hanger™.

Framan Hanger™ Vs. Standard Sawtooth Frame Hanger

Remember, we talked about using a wire and nail in one of the earlier steps in this article? If you use that traditional method, you already know it has many drawbacks. The Sawtooth frame hangers solve the problems created by steel wire, including that they made centering the frame easier. However, traditional sawtooth hangers have a few drawbacks of their own, including scratching and damaging the wall, a problem solved by Framan Hanger™.

Framan Hanger™ mainly addresses these issues, starting by temporarily adhering to the center of the picture frame, ensuring that it does not move when it is being permanently attached. It is connected with the screws, held in place at a slight perpendicular angle to the bracket. The tool itself is made from high-strength materials, yet these are soft polymers that ensure that the wall does not scratch even if mistakes are made during the process.

Final Word

Everyone knows that having a level frame is imperative or critical to enjoying its art. The tips above make hanging the picture frame correctly easier. However, the easiest would be to just use a Framan Hanger™. Not only does it ensure that you don’t make any mistakes, but it also preserves the beauty of your wall.

More importantly, many people hanging a picture frame for the first time will find that using the Framan Hanger™ shortens the time it takes to hang the picture frame. In fact, using the tool, just about anyone can do it right.

How to hang a picture frame on the wall, there is one way that we think is perfect and is easy to do. Consider the aesthetic and technical things you will want to consider when hanging a picture on the wall.

We will also discuss using a unique tool that makes the job quickly with no damage to your wall.

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