We are happy to announce that a size #12 x 1.5″ version of Fringe Screw™ is now available on our website. Three finishes are available: Bright Brass, Oil-Rubbed Bronze, and Satin Nickel.

This size is used to tighten commercial door hinges and latch plates.

Please visit our online store to make a purchase!

Fritan Technology is pleased to announce that we are now a special order vendor to The Home Depot. Our two most popular products, Fringe Screw™ and Framan Hanger™, are available now for purchase at This new distribution network means our products will be helping more people complete their home improvement tasks. This in turn helps Fritan Technology fulfill its mission.

Fritan Technology is excited to announce that they will be attending the 2013 National Hardware Show in Las Vegas, NV May 7 – 9.

Owner Fritz Krach said of the show, ‘As we become a major player in the home improvement hardware industry and continue to develop innovative fasteners that make projects easier, we felt it critical to attend the show and highlight our products. We will be looking to form alliances with other firms to build strong relations for the future.’

Fritan Technology can be reached at (330) 785-1921 or to arrange for a meeting at the show.

The Hotel Maintenance industry is frequently turning to Fringe Screw™ as a reliable and time saving repair for loose door hinge screws. The sheer number of doors and the heavy use they are constantly under makes stripped door hinge screws a common problem in hotels. Fringe Screw™ solves this problem quickly and is therefore a big money saver. Fringe Screw™ in Satin Nickel Just remove the stripped hinge screws and replace them with Fringe Screws™. The oversize threads will tighten in the enlarged screw hole while the standard size head sits flush in the hinge. Visit to request a sample or to place an order. Fringe Screw™ is guaranteed to work!
Our Fringe Screw™ Postcard Promotion Campaign continues to attract new customers. Thanks to the many handyman, locksmiths, and door replacement companies that now use Fringe Screw™ to repair loose door hinges caused by stripped screw holes. A special thanks goes to Super Handyman Service in Glendale, AZ for their recent Fringe Screw™ purchase. Give them a visit to schedule your home repairs, including any loose or sagging doors.

Framan Hanger™ is in stock and available for shipping today.  Framan Hanger™ is the simple-to-install bracket for hanging picture and artwork frames.  It features lined adhesive pads to temporarily hold Framan Hanger™ in place, while the screws are driven into the frame.  Each screw is held perpendicular to the frame to allow easy one-hand installation.  Buy yours today!

Fritan Technology has adopted a brand new look!  Our logo has been revised to better reflect who we are: a product design firm for home repair hardware.  Our website has a brand new look also and features a revised layout to help our customers find and navigate to the information they need with ease.

Fritan Technology is happy to announce an addition to its product offering: Thick Ceiling Hook.  Thick Ceiling Hook is specially designed to accommodate ceilings thicker than three-quarters of an inch.  Many older homes have original plaster-and-lath ceilings that have been refinished by hanging drywall over the original ceiling. 

This results in a ceiling thickness of up to two inches, which is too thick for traditional ceiling hooks, also known as swag hooks.  Thick Ceiling Hook solves this problem and is guaranteed to work in ceilings up to two inches thick.

Fringe Screw™ was featured in The Super Handyman Column by Al Carrell and Kelly Carrel on May 16, 2011.  After trying some samples, Kelly Carrel was so impressed with Fringe Screw™ that she decided to feature it in their newspaper column.  The following is an excerpt from the column.

“If you have sagging door hinges, check out the Fringe Screw. It was designed for the express purpose of replacing old hinge screws that no longer hold. It’s hard to imagine that a small screw can make such a huge difference, but the oversize threads are what make it work.”

Fritan Technology would like to thank Chuck Solomon and his HouseFixer Blog for featuring Fringe Screw™ with a product review.  Chuck also interviewed Fritan Technology’s Engineering Manager, Fritz Krach, as part of the feature.  The product review and interview are at the HouseFixer Blog.