The Ultimate Guide to Hanging Picture Frames and Wall Décor

12 March 22
The Ultimate Guide to Hanging Picture Frames and Wall Décor

Before you go out shopping for some new art, it’s essential to ask yourself what you’re trying to achieve with the décor. Is it just something to look at? Or do you want it to be functional as well?

There are many different types of wall décor, such as mirrors, clocks, shelves, cabinets, and more.


And there are many ways of hanging them up on the wall too – with nails or screws, with adhesive hooks, or even just by using gravity! However, each piece will be hung a little differently depending on its weight and the material from which the wall is made. Drywall, for example, is entirely different from plaster walls when it comes to hanging pictures or an art print. Let’s look at the different ways to hand pictures and decor on walls based on the wall’s makeup. If you prefer changing your decor frequently, try using a cork wall. Some people also turn their entire wall into a cork board to pin objects temporarily.

How Do You Hang Frames on a Plaster Wall?

How Do You Hang Frames on a Plaster Wall?​

Hanging frames on a plaster wall can be tricky. The process requires a level of precision that is difficult to achieve in many cases. Here are some tips to help you hang frames on your plaster walls.

1) Find the studs in the wall: To find the studs, use a stud finder device to find the hard wooden surface behind the plaster. Once you locate them, mark their position with pencil marks or small nails and then remove the plaster from around them.

2) Use anchors: If there is no stud, use an anchor that will hold a heavy piece like a framed piece securely to your walls without damaging them or leaving marks. These anchors come in a variety of different styles and types. Find one that you are comfortable with.

3) Use velcro strips: Command strips are the most common type. They are another option for hanging a picture frame without drilling holes in your walls or using anchors and screws. This is an excellent option for those currently renting who cannot put holes in the walls. They are also great for those who like to change decor often as they will not leave holes, making it easy to change things up without having to fill in gaps and repaint.


While anchors were mentioned and finding studs, you probably could skip those steps and use a screw into the plaster if the decor is lightweight. Plaster is much stronger than what you see in typically drywall applications. It can handle a screw on its own and have something hanging from it with ease. Many varieties of hangers are available, like a sawtooth hanger, print hanger, etc. If you have a narrow wall, avoid pinning heavier pieces/larger pieces of art as per its capacity since a larger frame may not fit there. However, always back it up with reinforcement such as studs and anchors when in doubt.

How to Hang Pictures on Drywall Walls

How to Hang Pictures on Drywall Walls

Drywall is a little different substance than plaster, and it will require anchors pretty much every time. You would use the same steps as with plaster but be careful as the drywall material is very easily dented and can be damaged. Be sure to find studs for heavy objects and use anchors when possible. Also, check the anchors to ensure they are graded for the weight you are about to hand from them. Drywall is very crumbly, and when pictures are hung with a nail or screw that is too heavy, the drywall can crumble, and the decor will fall. Velcro strips work well on drywall for lightweight objects but are never used if they are over the weight limit, as the drywall wall anchor cannot hold it, and this could result in disaster.

Tips and Tricks to Remember when Hanging Wall Decor

Tips and Tricks to Remember when Hanging Wall Decor

When hanging wall decor on any type of wall, there are some things that you should keep in mind. These are:

  • Use a washable marker to mark where you are looking to drill the nail holes for the nail and screws once you have found the wall stud. This will allow you to wipe the mark off without leaving any residue cleanly. Most people use a pencil but find that harder to remove than washable markers, making this a good tip to have!
  • Always take note where there are electrical outlets and if there is a chance that there is an electrical line running where you are about to drill. You can use a wall finder to see what is behind the wall when in doubt. These devices are pretty accurate, but you should always use them cautiously.
  • Have help. Getting the wall hanging perfectly on the wall can be a challenge on your own. Be sure to ask for help when hanging anything super heavy or complicated such as a wall collage.

Take your time to hang your items so that they are straight, and they will hang on the wall for as long as you’d like. Yes, there are different attachment styles for the various weights and types of wall, which means use your discretion. When in doubt, go with the safe approach as you don’t want your beautiful wall art pieces to come crashing down and break or, worse, injure someone.

How do you hang a group of pictures on a wall?

How do you hang a group of pictures on a wall?​

It is important to hang the pictures so that they complement each other and create a cohesive look. When hanging pictures on a wall, it is important to consider the balance of the composition.

To create balance in your composition, you should place heavier items (i.e., large pictures, mirrors) on one side of the room and lighter items (i.e., small pictures, artwork, piece of art) on the opposite side. You can also hang your horizontal pictures at eye level so that they are all at eye level with one another.

Hanging a group of pictures can take up wall space and make the home feel more inviting. However, you may need to lay them out on the floor first to give you a good idea of what the group will look like. Take your time and move them around until you have the group looking as you’d like. You may need to ask for help with group pictures. Keep in mind spacing is important, so take your time to find the correct spacing.

Tips for Crooked walls

Tips for Crooked walls

Pro tip: If you have very crooked walls due to the settling and age of the home, group pictures might not be the best choice if you choose squares and rectangles. You might want to choose decor with less rigid lines to help hide the fact that the walls are not straight.

Another option is to use a display box where you can make your favorite photo stand without the hassle of wall anchors. Make sure the piece of furniture should not be very wide, on which you have placed the photo.

In order to align the art pieces properly, you can use a paper pattern or laser level.

Whatever you are trying to hang on your walls, be sure that you have the correct system in place to do the job. Putting up wall decor and hanging things from our doors isn’t impossible, especially in this day and age. Many easy-to-use systems help address the issues of getting the decor up and looking its best. Be sure that you take the time to find the right decor that will compliment your room and furniture pieces. Also, don’t hang your wall decor too high or too low on the wall. Be sure that it is the right size for the room and the surrounding furniture as you don’t want it too small or too big. Take your time hanging up and finding decor for your home. This should be a fun process, and you might even learn a thing or two along the way.

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