Standard Door Hinge Replacement Guide

14 July 21
Standard Door Hinge Replacement Guide

Most door hinges have over the years become so reliable that many people forget that they even exist until they start sticking, breaking, creaking etc. As a home or business owner with potentially numerous standard doors on your property, it is essential to understand that, like everything else, door hinges need to be replaced after a while. If you have a low-quality or standard quality door, you might also change that with the hinge, but that can be a little more complex, requiring more work than simply replacing the hinge. 

Hinges support doors, allowing them to open and close with relative ease. However, when something does go wrong with the hinges, make sure that you replace them right away. Fortunately, door hinge replacement is a DIY project that will make a difference not only to how much easier it is to open and close the door but also to your security. 

In this article, we’ll go into everything you need to know to replace door hinges.

Standard Door Hinge replacement inner

Start With the Right Hinges  

The first step to replacing door hinges is to find the right one. Door hinges come in a myriad of different styles, but what you choose will depend on the door for the most part. You can buy hinges for exterior and interior doors. 

If you have one of those doors that swings open both ways, then you will want to buy a swing action hinge, and with a door that’s slightly wider than usual, a parliament wide leaf hinge will do. 

Finally, you will also want to choose a hinge with the proper finishing. Since they are available in multiple finishes, it can be confusing. That said, you can choose hinges that match your door handles and goes well with your surroundings. The good news is that there are many options available. 

How to Replace Standard Door Hinges? 

Replacing a standard door hinge is a lot like replacing any other type of door hinge. The only difference is that you might need a second set of hands for larger, and heavier doors to help you. 


  • You’ll need wood door-stops 
  • Tape measure 
  • Paint 
  • Door hinges (new)
  • A screwdriver or electric screwdriver 
  • Drill 
  • Sanding tool 
  • Wood putty 

Here is how to replace the hinge: 

Step no. 1 – Steady the Door

You start by opening the door so that the hinge is exposed. Use blocks of wood or a doorstop to secure the door in place. The good news is that you will not need to remove the door since these blocks should be able to provide the support needed to ensure the door does not fall over. 

Step no. 2 – Make sure you have the correct hinges and then measure the door

You always want to double-check to make sure that the new hinges match the old ones on the door, both in terms of edge shape and size. A tape measure can be used to ensure that the old hinges are in the correct spot. Ideally, they should be spaced 7-inches apart from the top of your door’s frame and then around 11 inches from the bottom of the door frame. 

Step no. 3- Remove the old hinges 

If the old hinges were in the correct place, you need to start by removing the screws from the hinge on the top. Pull them away slightly from the door and the jab, then examine the wood to ensure it is in good condition. However, if you see stripped-out holes, they will need to be plugged with a small piece of wood. 

Step no. 4 – Prepare the jamb and the door for the new hinge 

If the old door hinge has been there a while, there is a high probability that it will need to be repaired slightly. The best approach is to sand down the wood a bit and then paint it with a matching color. Then fill the mortise hole with both the door frame and the door with some wood putty if the replacement is a different size from the old ones. Then allow the putty time to dry, after which they can be painted over or stained to match the door. 

Step no. 5- Install the new hinge 

You will need to carefully place the new hinge on the location over the old one. Then find the package of screws, and secure the new screws into both sides of the hinge on the jamb and door. You can then secure the hinge pin directly into the hinge. 

Step no. 6 – Do the same for the second hinge 

You need to do the same for the lower hinge and use a screwdriver or drill to remove it. Make sure always to use new screws and insert the new hinge pin to ensure it is secure. 

The same steps need to be carried out for the third hinge. 

The last step – Test the new hinges 

Remove all the blocks from underneath the door, then close and open it multiple times to ensure it is smooth and easy. Now your job is done. 


Installing door hinges is a DIY project that most people can carry out with a set of basic tools. However, having a second pair of eyes and hands does not hurt. That said, it is possible to replace door hinges on your own. But if you’re dealing with a particularly large and heavy door, make sure to get some help. 

You will also want to invest in the highest quality standard door hinges that you can afford. Good quality hinges last longer, are more reliable, and will not need to be replaced anytime soon. That way, you save time and money in the long term when choosing a quality set of hinges. Plus, using the right tools ensures that the hinges are installed correctly, which is another key to them lasting a long time.

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